Attention! Here's how Olympic Lifters can SKYROCKET their performance!

Discover how the training secrets of elite athletes are helping Weightlifters, Crossfit athletes and sports enthusiasts to BLAST through training plateaus and SMASH new PB's, Without spending more time in the gym.

What you will learn over the next 14 days!

  • The truths about exercise selection, and how to prescribe exercises to improve individual weaknesses

  • How to improve your mobility, without spending hours stretching!

  • Understand the roadblocks that are preventing you from adding kilos on to your lifts!

  • The sneaky ways to train SMARTER and not HARDER!

  • The single most important secrets to success when combining strength and technical goals

  • How to manipulate your training program to see results without spending hours each day in the gym

  • Why the OPTILIFT method when applied to your training produces better results than any other!

  • Breaking down myths and understanding the CORRECT ways to train

  • Learn the OPTIMAL ways to recover between training days, to make sure you are fighting fit each session

  • Building 2, 3, 4 or 5 day training programs that fit into your life and not consume it!

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Why listen to me on this?

Hi, I'm Connor Oates

I have been in your shoes and know the struggles of spending hours in the gym, doing as much as I can to just to try and PB my Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

That was until I created the OPTILIFT method! This revolutionary training system pin points the exact areas needed to strengthen or tweak to guarantee your next PB! All that with precise programming to free you from training all day every day

What's the workshop about?

MAXIMISE Strength & REFINE Technique

A training system devised around identifying your EXACT weaknesses and areas for improvement to produce the precise programming you need to smash your PB's!


A comprehensive training program designed to GUARENTEE PB's without the BULLSHIT! Train smarter not harder!

Loosen Up Your Tin Man Mobility

A sport that tests maximal strength and optimal lifting requires silky smooth mobility! Access the mobility flows that will target your weaknesses and enable you to hit all the positions you need!

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